Taft Furniture & Taft Furniture Girl & Taft furniture Store *2020

Taft Furniture is a very special brand used today. Enhance your interior with the Taft Furniture Girl contemporary gray oak color cabinet. You will be seduced by its refined and distinguished lines. It is the essential storage unit for your stay. You can both store and showcase your dishes and your decorative items which will be visible through its 2 glass doors. You will stand out with its integrated LED lighting system that will diffuse an elegant mood light. Thanks to its structure which is made of top-quality particleboard panels, we assure you great strength and stability. Our idea: you can complete your style by choosing a contemporary TV cabinet to harmonize your room.

Taft Furniture Girl

Taft Furniture Girl is the presenter of the video prepared to introduce the products produced by the Taft brand. If you want to follow these promoted products, you can watch the sample video below. Taft Furniture Girl, name of the server that helps in promoting these products is Deanna Daly.

Taft Furniture & Taft Furniture Girl & Taft furniture Store *2020 Best Furniture Brands

Taft Furniture Specs & Taft Furniture Shops Near me & Taft Furniture Prices

Taft Furniture Specs

Taft Furniture is also at the rendezvous thanks to quality bedding. The two 20 cm thick mattresses have a Bonnel spring core and foam. The hypoallergenic cover ensures very good sleeping hygiene. This is completed by a 4 cm thick foam mattress, to ensure good firmness. The price of Taft furniture is between $ 230 and $ 650.

Furniture delivered disassembled

– Mounting difficulty: easy

– At the bottom of the page, you can download the assembly instructions.

– A paper assembly instructions will be attached to the cabinet.

Taft Furniture Store

Address: 121 Ballston Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Phone: (518) 886-0990

Address: 1960 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205 Phone: (518) 456-3361



Taft Furniture is a quality brand.

Tuft furniture produces beds, dining sets, and many other products.

Taft furniture is between $ 230 and $ 650.

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